Driving for life

Driving is fundamental to our everyday lives in Queensland.  It provides us with independence, access to family and friends, essential medical services, work and hobbies and even helps us get around when our mobility declines.  Essentially it helps us to live well and to live a quality life.


Being older doesn’t automatically make a person an unsafe driver.  Older drivers are generally conscientious, controlled and safe.  It is ability, not age that determines a person’s safety behind the wheel.  In this way older drivers should continue to drive as long as it’s safe.


However, driving may become difficult and even unsafe if the aging process is affected by health issues.  Medical conditions and the medications used to treat them can either subtly or obviously impact on driving safety.


If you would like further information regarding helping older drivers to stay safe on the roads, please download the driving manual or contact us on 1800 639 331.