Garden City Aged Care Services

Alzheimer’s Queensland has proudly operated Garden City Aged Care Services since late 2004.  This purpose built home has three accommodation options.  Firstly, single room suites with kitchenette, secondly, a homelike secure cottage called Palm Court and finally cottage suites.  We also offer specially designed respite and palliative care suites. 


The kitchenette rooms enable independent and private living whilst providing high care to meet the varying needs of our residents.  Residents have the opportunity to enjoy personal time in their own rooms or enjoy their day and spend time with visitors in the newly refurbished lounge and outdoor patio.  Similarly, Palm Court with a feel of a boutique hotel, promotes home life with quiet spaces and opportunities for participation in everyday activities such as home style cooking.  The home has also recently released its newly decorated suites with premium facilities targetted at independent and private living.  These suites come with their own full kitchen, dining and living areas. 


At Garden City all meals are freshly prepared on site daily and the home cooking allows the smells and activity to create an environment reminiscent of every day home life.  


Garden City boasts a robust lifestyle program with a range of group and individual activities for residents including cultural days, music program, shopping trips, art classes and flexibility and fitness sessions.  The wellness and enablement approach is also reinforced through access to a range of specialist professionals such as dentist, physiotherapist, speech pathologist, occupational therapist and podiatrist.  


Garden City’s excellence in care is reflected in the numerous awards it has won, for example, Better Practice award in 2012 for the leisure and lifestyle program and Better Practice award in 2014 for use of technology.


At Garden City, all residents benefit from our staffs distinct knowledge, skills and expertise in dementia care.  Our staff undergo regular training in dementia care to ensure that their skills are maintained and that their care reflects our underlying philosophy based on the value and individual choices of our residents.  Furthermore, Garden City has 24 hour registered nursing on site to support complex care and medical needs of residents who may need a higher level of care.


The home is conveniently located on Tryon Street, Upper Mount Gravatt and is within easy walking distance to the Garden City Shopping Centre.


Gwenda McNaught - Telling as it is

Gwenda McNaught, a resident, shares her  thoughts on our Music Relaxation sessions.

“I almost missed my session today because I was caught up with gardening and missed the time. I love gardening but my favourite thing is the relaxation session I do with Jing.


The peace of the soft music and quiet voice takes me to another level. My body relaxes and my mind is not busy, busy, busy. I can drop any problems onto a leaf floating away down the creek or drop it from a cloud in the sky – anywhere away from me so it is not in my face. My shoulders relax and fell soft and friendly.


The sessions with Jing, the music and her voice work marvellously for me. They take me away from pain and worry and lighten my week.


There are DVD’s but it isn’t the same, when Jing is there is more interactive and that’s what makes it work for me”


Accommodation Charges

Elizabeth and Florence Court - Single Rooms (non-secure): maximum refundable accommodation deposit (RAD) of $350,000 or maximum daily payments (DAP) of $38.55

or a combination of both, for example

RAD of $175,000 and DAP of $19.27

Palm Court- single rooms (secure): maximum refundable accommodation deposit (RAD) of $400,000 or maximum daily payments  (DAP) of $44.05

or a combination of both, for example

RAD of $200,000 and DAP of $22.03


Please note an assessment from the Aged Care Assessment Team is required as well as an Assets and Income assessment by the Department of Human Services.  For further information on these please contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or visit


To Apply

Contact Garden City Aged Care Services at 33 Tryon Street, Upper Mt Gravatt QLD 4122.

Open 24 hours daily

Ph: 07 3349 0110

Fax: 07 3849 7355



Figures based on MPIR as at 4.02% from 01/01/2021