Ipswich Multi Service Centre

The Ipswich Multi Service Centre (IMSC) operates from two Queenslander-style cottages located on Chermside Road in Ipswich.  The IMSC offer a secure, cottage-based respite, 24 hours per day, seven days per week.  It is suitable for both people with dementia and people with other similar neurological conditions, who are looking for opportunities for social and community engagement.  Respite hours and days are flexible to client and carer needs.  The centre is funded through the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)and the Queensland Government and provides the following services:


Centre-Based Respite & Social Support

Centre-based respite and social support provides social interaction for our clients and a break for their carers.  If a carer is working or studying, respite enables employment or study commitments to be maintained. 


Clients participate in social and artistic activities, small group outings, community functions and local clubs.  Outings and activities are planned to meet the interests of each individual.  Clients may also receive assistance for shopping and medication management.


Respite care / social support may be for part of a day or one or more full days in the week.  Flexible hours provide opportunities for weekend, early mornings and evening respite.


Overnight Respite & Emergency Respite

The Centre provides flexible arrangements for overnight respite with families accessing respite for one night only, a few nights, or for a 2-3 week stay.  All meals and activities are provided through the Centre.  Emergency overnight respite can (often) also be arranged at short notice.


In-Home Respite, Readying and Settling Support & Personal Care

In-home support provides a companion to interact with the person with dementia, in their own home, for short periods while the carer takes a break.  In-home support also provides employed carers with time to prepare and leave for work, to meet their employment commitments or to run errands whilst the person with dementia is cared for.  Personal cares such as personal hygiene, dressing and/or meal preparation can also be provided by a suitably qualified staff member.


Home Maintenance

Home maintenance services are available in the home of person who is eligible to receive services from the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) and Community Care Services Qld.  This service provides basic maintenance of the home to ensure the environment is safe for the person.  Services may include lawn and garden care, rubbish removal and minor home repairs and maintenance.  This service does not cover major home renovations or modifications.


Allied Health

Funded allied health services such at home occupational therapy, are available for the Ipswich area and are targeted towards maintaining or restoring our seniors' wellness and independence.  Please discuss options with the Manager.


Consumer Directed Care (CDC) Packages: Levels 1-4

Consumer directed care packages (or home care packages) provide care and support for people living at home.  An ACAT assessment is required and the package is then provided on the assessed needs of each individual.  The services that may be offered include: clinical nursing, personal support, domestic assistance, medication prompts, meal preparation, social support, general maintenance and gardening. 


NDIS Services

We are now providing NDIS services to self-managed and third-party managed consumers.  Our services are targeted towards people with young onset dementia and progressive neurological conditions.  Services available are:

  • Personal care
  • Assistance at home
  • Household assistance
  • Behaviour support
  • Respite at your home or our centre
  • Community access
  • Occupational therapy


Carer Education and Support 

The Ipswich Multi Service Centre conducts a monthly Carer Support Group Meeting, which is a valuable way of obtaining information and receiving support from staff, guest speakers and other carers.  Other supports available include library services, education and information sessions, telephone support groups and a 24 hour Dementia Help Line service at 1800 639 331.


The Community Services Manager and Occupational Therapist regularly conduct reviews of clients to ensure that the appropriate level of care, support and opportunities for independence is being provided.  These reviews are usually conducted in consultation with family members.


Current Vacancies

  • All Services
  • Younger Onset Dementia, including Readying and Settling Support in the home to support working carers



Referrals can be accepted from family or friends, Medical Practitioners, Community Nurses, or any other community contacts.  


Please note: Not all services require an ACAT, and can be assessed by those under 65 years of age and to support working carers.


To make a referral contact the Community Services Manager of the respite centre.  After initial intake details are taken over the phone, an appointment will be made to visit the centre and discuss services. 



Centre-based care: $25.00 per day        Overnight respite: $50.00 per night
In-home care:  $20.00 per hour 

All nominated fees are negotiable.  Access to services will not be determined by an inability to meet the nominated fees.  Financial hardship should be discussed with the Community Services Manager and will be treated as confidential.  

Please note: Special activities away from the Centre may incur a small additional cost.


For further information contact:

Ipswich Multi-Service Centre at 84 Chermside Road, Ipswich QLD 4305

Open 24hours daily

Ph: 07 3812 2253 

Fax: 07 3812 3190

Email: ipsadmin@alzheimersonline.org


Supported by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Visit the Department of Social Services website (www.dss.gov.au) for more information.  Although funding for this centre has been provided by the Australian Government, the material contained herein does not necessarily represent the views or policies of the Australian Government.