Community Care

A good life is one that is full of enjoyment, experiences, encouragement and independence.  It involves remaining stimulated, challenged, socially active and physically healthy.


Alzheimer's Queensland is actively enabling older people to pursue pleasurable, active and independent lives with the help of our Multi Service Centres. The Multi Service Centres provide a restorative and wellness approach to support older people stay engaged within their community. We also offer customised serviced to people with early onset dementia for an optimised quality of life.


Our non-traditional approach to home care and respite ensures that each person receives an individualised service tailored to their personal interests, hobbies, and health goals.  The program aims to support an individual to build relationships, pursue interests and maintain independence, while simultaneously providing their carer or loved one with a temporary break from their caring role.


You have the flexible option where we can come to you or you can visit our centre.


AQ Multi Service Centres are based in a home-like cottage in order to evoke feelings of comfort, relaxation and personability, familiarity and independence. Activities are carried out in intimate groups which ensures each person receives personalised care whilst being supported to achieve individual goals.

There are four Multi Service Centres throughout Southeast Queensland which provide:

  • Consumer Directed Care Packages
  • Allied Health Wellness Programs
  • Social Support
  • Dementia Behaviour Management
  • Dementia Nursing
  • Young Onset Dementia services
  • Centre Based Respite
  • In-Home Respite
  • Overnight Cottage Based Respite
  • Emergency respite
  • Carer Support Group Meetings
  • Flexible Care arrangements, including respite on evenings, overnights and weekends
  • Individualised activity programs based on the needs and interests of each individual
  • Plus much more!  (click on respite centre below to find out more)


Multi Service Centres