Alzheimer's Queensland Library consists of a range of dementia specific books, videos and journals that are regularly updated with new resources. Library resources are borrowed, by people with dementia, carers, families, professionals and students from all over Queensland.

To inquire call AQ Advice Line 1800 639 331 or email for recommendations on what books, DVDs or journal articles may assist you with your query.  You are also welcome to come into our Dementia Care Hub and browse the library or borrow in person.


To borrow items from our Resource Library you need to complete the library registration form and return it to us with a legible photocopy of your driver’s licence or other similar identification. 


Borrower Registration Form - Click to download

Library resources are mailed to you free of charge.  When you wish to return the item you will need to mail the item back to us, however you are responsible for postage charges involved. 


Conditions of borrowing

The borrower agrees:

  • To return resources within 4 weeks of borrowing
  • To not re-lend materials to other persons / organisations.
  • To be responsible for costs incurred in returning items (e.g. postage charges.)
  • To return materials in similar packaging to that in which they were received.
  • To be responsible for the replacement costs of items not returned, lost or damaged.
  • That if resources are returned by mail to the Association and are lost in transit, the borrower must provide proof of postage, or the items (or their value) must be replaced by the borrower.
  • That copyright law prohibits the reproduction of books, journals & videos and therefore, must not be copied, or duplicated.