Dementia Matters

The quarterly newsletter from Alzheimer's Queensland, keeping you updated on dementia...

  1. Dementia Matters Summer 2018

  2. Dementia Matters Spring 2017

  3. Dementia Matters Winter 2017

  4. Dementia Matters Autumn 2017

    In this issue you'll meet the lovely Jane, an opera singer and pianist who is living with dementia. There's also good information on communication and vision.

  5. Dementia Matters Spring 2016

    This issue focuses on hospitalisation related issues for people with dementia.

  6. Dementia Matters Summer 2016

    In this edition: Commonwealth Home Support Program, Home Care Packages Gordon Park, Posterior Cortical Atrophy - a rare form of dementia & more

  7. Dementia Matters Winter 2015

    In this edition: Dementia Design - ATSA Expo, 100 Simple things you can do to prevent alzheimer's and aged-related memory loss, Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia How did we get it so...

  8. Dementia Matters Autumn 2015

    In this edition: identifying Apathy..., Let's talk about Sex, Dementia Another Way of Living, LASA Q Excellence in Care Awards.

  9. Dementia Matters Spring 2014

    In this edition: Upcoming education, Pain and Dementia, My Aged Care, What are our staff up to?, Research Update, Tapping into our senses.

  10. Dementia Matters Winter 2014

    In this edition: Upcoming Education, Alzheimer's Queensland Physiotherapists are using Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to treat a variety of conditions, Alzheimer's Queensland Occupational Therapists...

  11. Dementia Matters Autumn 2014

    In this edition: Improving Social Engagement at Mealtimes, Occupation Therapy Driving Assessments, Rosemary Cottage - Ipswich, Research, March - August Education Sessions

  12. Dementia Matters Summer 2014

    In this edition: Upcoming education, Windsor Aged Care Sensory Gardens, Healthy ageing and the latest research into Alzheimer's and Dementia, AQ Rehab, Dementia and Falls Prevention Dementia and...