COVID-19 Update 11/03/20

The Prime Minister has announced the activation of the Australian Health Sector Emergency Response Plan for Coronavirus (COVID-19) with 91 confirmed cases Australia wide as of the 10/03/20. 

We are aware that people of all ages can be infected by coronavirus however, older people and people with pre-existing medical conditions (such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease) are at higher risk with possibly more severe outcomes.

Alzheimer’s Queensland continues to monitor and take prompt action in accordance with the evolving COVID-19 and has taken the following measures in the last week: 

  • All Alzheimer’s Queensland staff have been screened for recent travel and have been risk assessed
  • Those staff who have been assessed as travelling from high risk areas have been asked not to attend work for 14 days 
  • All staff who identify as ‘sick’ and unable to attend work are being screened with a series of questions that establishes the risk of them having or transmitting COVID-19 
  • The Alzheimer’s Queensland Governance Committee continues to meet weekly with the appropriate actions taking place based on the best available medical advice 
  • Alzheimer’s Queensland in some instances is taking overly cautious steps in an effort to protect our clients and; 
  • All Alzheimer’s Queensland staff are continuing to retrain in infection control which is due to be finalised by the end of March 2020.  

We ask all affiliates of Alzheimer’s Queensland take the following steps to protect our clients: 

  • Notify us if you or your loved one are unwell by alerting your Centre Manager or Facility Manager
  • Notify us if you have travelled overseas in the last 21 days by alerting your Centre Manager or Facility Manager 
  • Do not visit or attend any centres or facilities if you are unwell 
  • You will find hand washing stations located at the entry and exit of every centre. Please ensure you are washing your hands when arriving and exiting all Alzheimer’s Queensland facilities. 
  • Wash your hands if you have touched or been in contact with any of our clients and; 
  • Please cough into your elbow or a tissue to cover your mouth when coughing, ensuring to dispose of the tissue in the nearest bin straight after. 

For further information contact: 

Bess Brennan, Alzheimer's Queensland Marketing & Media Manager or 0438 438 893