What a better day to spend a day

A day on the water brought back many memories for 5 of our gentlemen from Gordon Park on a superb September afternoon as they cruised Moreton Bay. 




Noel has owned his own yacht and was part of the crew for the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race on a number of occasions. Noel’s highlight for the day was when he was able to take control of the yacht and have a turn of steering. Noel wanted to know if we were coming again next week and after the cruise Noel could not thank everyone enough on the lovely job our staff had done and that they had created a wonderful day.


John was in the navy for 6 years, worked as a deep sea diver and his job was to dive to the bottom of the ship to locate bombs that maybe attached to the ship. When John married his wife Norma, they would holiday on Norma’s family houseboat every Christmas. So while on the cruise John felt well at home commenting on how it brought back so many memories as he sat fishing on the front of the boat and took on the job of peeling the prawns for everyone’s lunch. John asked lots of questions like “How many knots does the boat go? How deep is the water? He wanted to know all the names of the Islands and what kind of fish do they catch around here. On returning to the Centre, his ending comment was “Perfect end to a perfect day” and as a true gentleman thanked Lisa with a kiss on the cheek.



Whilst in the British Army, Bob was posted to Saudi Arabia and was on-board a ship for a time as part of Peace Keeping.  Bob also has memories of his 6 week vogue from Hampshire to Australia when he migrated to Australia. He built model boats and helped his friend build a sailing boat. The day on the water in Moreton Bay brought tears to Bob’s eyes saying “This is just the perfect day ….. How beautiful ….I have not had so much fun in a long time …. How amazing is this …. What a glorious day here in paradise.” Bob thanked the staff and as a fun gesture “fist pumped the skipper”. Bob also enjoyed some fishing from the front of the boat and struck up a conversation with a young lady. She thought he was hilarious and Bob asked her politely if he could have a photo with her, in which she obliged. On the way home Bob said he had forgotten to take photos on his camera but he said “that is ok because I have the memories embedded in my mind and I will never forget this day”.



Richard has very much had boats of all shapes and sizes flowing through his veins with owning his own Marina, and so his day on the water resulted in him smiling all day, taking in the views, and commenting that he was enjoying his day.



And Tom, though not sailing the seas as such, has always had a love of the ocean, being a foundation member of the Tallebudgera Life Saving Club. Tom turned 90 this year and still does not let an opportunity pass him by where he can be involved in some sort of adventure. Tom commented on-board the cruise that he was having a lovely day, and being the senior member of the group, Tom had the crew looking after him as they joined in with him and played a few rounds of cards.