The Story Tellers

Enthusiasm, unconditional love and creating positive situations are some of the terms researchers use when defining the benefits of Intergenerational Groups when an older person and the young are able to interact in meaningful activities. 

This is definitely the case when ladies from Alzheimer’s Queensland’s Gordon Park Multiservice Centre visit a local Child Care Centre on a weekly basis. As "Story Tellers" and when chatting with the children, the ladies are confident and at ease in situations where they can recall and better use their communication and interaction skills and establish ongoing and valued relationships.

The Education Leader at the Day Care Centre reported that the children immediately become more engaged in what they are doing, demonstrating pride in sharing their experiences and environment.  They eagerly want to question the ladies and enjoy being around them, following their lead or leading them around.  The Kindergarten children are especially fascinated and have a beautiful sense of pride as soon as the ladies walk through the door, saying hello and waving and immediately getting them involved in what they are doing at the time.

The researchers have got it right and an atmosphere of enthusiasm, positive situations and unconditional love has definitely been created between our young friends at the Child Care Centre and the ladies from Gordon Park.