Residents arranging colourful bounty

Several residents living at our Garden City aged care home take a weekly trip to the well-known Rocklea flower markets. 

They carefully select the best flowers and interact with the stall holders to get the best deal. 

When they return to their home the real work begins as they cover the workbenches with their colourful bounty, selecting and arranging the flowers into stunning arrangements.

Vases of all sizes filled with the meticulously assembled bouquets are distributed all around the various lounge rooms, libraries, dining tables, hall tables. 

They even deliver a fresh and stunning display for the reception at our resource centre located next door to the home.

“This kind of engagement and connectedness to the community is powerfully important to the wellbeing of these residents,” says Garden City Director of Care, Mandy Potter.

“The residents enjoy interacting and haggling with the flower sellers but they also take pride in the contribution they are making to making their home, and it is their home, more beautiful for everyone.

“Importantly, the weekly flower outing wasn’t ‘offered’ to the residents for them to opt in to.  The idea came from several of the residents who are passionate about gardens and flower arranging.  We just made it possible by organising the bus and staff to accompany them.”