Once a nurse, always a nurse

When Shirley joined our Gordon Park group and we realised that she had enjoyed a long career as a Nurse, we knew that we wanted to find a way for her to reconnect with her past.   

Excited by our idea we rang Shirley to ask if she’d like to visit the Royal Brisbane Hospital Museum; her reply told us we were on the right track when she said:

“Lovely, but I might have a tear in my eye.”

On the day of the visit the promised tears were joined with laughter as Shirley chatted happily with the tour guide as they both shared memories of their days working at the Royal; they even knew many of the same doctors and nurses.

Another lovely surprise for Shirley during the visit was finding a picture of herself, wearing the nurses' uniform of the day, in one of the Hospital’s books.

The book and other memorabilia in the Museum brought back many happy memories for Shirley, who was simply delighted to return to the Hospital and revisit memories of a rewarding profession that she loved and speaks of often.