Mick Petrie - Forever Talented

Today we share with you the special talents of Mick, born in Leeton and raised in Thallon (outside of Goondiwindi), who has put his life experience as a welder to now create beautiful and functional items in the Men's Shed of Alzheimer's Queensland Toowoomba.



Recently Mick was given the opportunity to create up-cycled items in our Men's Shed with spoons, forks and recycled wood.  He was given a selection of pictures and ideas to get his creative juices flowing.  Mick was instantly motivate and relished the roles of learning and then teaching others to make the art pieces.


Given Mick's natural affinity with people, the other men enjoy his company and mentroship.  He is easy going and because of his background and life skills with his former trade, Mick guides them in the shed with the projects.


Here at Alzheimer's Queensland, the culture we have created is that everyone lives and breathes the philosophy of Social Role Valorisation.  We empower clients like Mick to engage in age appropriate activities that align with their social goals, valued life roles and interests.  We understand how amenities such as our Men's Shed can give clients like Mick an open and relaxed space to retain their sense of belonging and mateship.


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