Heather's Joy as a Registered Nurse

Not too long ago a client of our Toowoomba Multi Service Centre, Heather Chisholm, was given the opportunity to visit the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital nursing museum with a group of friends.


Heather was a Registered Nurse for her working career. She began in the 50’s at the Canberra Hospital. Heather explained to the group on the drive down that the lake was not put in yet in Canberra and that she was in charge of training the new nurses. Heather took pride in the fact that while she was shadowing the new staff, she would make sure that they didn’t get into any bad habits.


On arriving to the museum, Heather quickly started chatting with all the retired volunteer nurses and involved all ladies in the group. Heather spoke of the night she was a midwife to ten births and reflected on how much things had changed.


The volunteer staff invited Heather back as they would like to take her through the main hospital where there are more items on display depicting the changes.


After moving to Toowoomba, Heather had continued her nursing career and was the head RN in the emergency department of the Toowoomba Base hospital. The group of ladies all commented on what an enjoyable day out it was and that the travel was definitely worth it.