Feels like home

Residents feel at home when living in Alzheimer’s Queensland residential homes or staying in our respite centres, thanks to an extensive, unique and design-led program of refurbishment.  

“We have made a significant commitment to challenge traditional aged care thinking and are upgrading facilities in consideration of the individual needs of residents and improving their living environment,” says Katherina Sparti, AQ’s senior design manager.

Katherina says many aged care facilities in the past, ‘were institutionalised and lacked warmth’.

In addition to remodeling to create more domestic spaces, furniture and decorative items play an important role in creating a homely environment providing an eclectic interior which gives the impression the items have been collected over time.

“The selection process is quite detailed as it needs to satisfy a number of practical considerations while delivering a homelike aesthetic.

Garden City Aged Care has undergone a series of staged refurbishments commencing with a major upgrade to the 14-bed dementia secure home, hostel rooms, and public gathering spaces where residents socialise. Similarly, at Windsor Aged Care, areas have been refurbished with new furniture and artwork.

Major construction is underway at Rosalie Nursing Care with a rebuild of all rooms and amenities. This facility is located in the inner city where demand is high.

Alzheimer’s Queensland homes and services are not exclusively for people living with dementia. However, dementia design principles and the AQ philosophy of respect for the individuality of our clients and residents has played a significant role in the development of our innovative approach to design.