CDC Home Care Packages can give you the support you need

Home Care Packages (HCPs) are an initiative run by the Australian government, under a model called Consumer Directed Care (CDC). It’s called CDC because it’s the consumer making the decision of what services best meet their needs.


Each CDC Package offers care and support based on the assessed needs of individual clients – most of whom are over 65, but under 65s can access the packages too.


Alzheimer’s Queensland has recently been awarded a number of HCPs so we caught up with our State Manager, Brooke Suess and Community Services Manager in Toowoomba, Theresa Buys, to find out more.


What does this new allocation of HCPs offer clients?

We’ve recently been awarded packages across five regions: Brisbane North, Brisbane South, Logan River Valley, West Moreton (Ipswich) and Darling Downs (Toowomba).


“Packages are broken down into levels 1, 2, 3 and 4,” explains Brooke. “With level 2 being a lower level of care, you get a couple of hours of support each week, so that can be respite care, in-home support, social support, medication, that sort of thing. Levels 3 and 4 can provide you with a lot more services within the package,” she adds.


Packages maintain people in their homes and avoid them having to go into aged care facilities or residential services sooner than they would need to. “Our philosophy has always been about the dignity of the individual and empowering them to still participate in life,” adds Brooke.


Why choose Alzheimer’s Queensland to fulfil your HCP?

As specialists in dementia care, we understand the triggers that would cause certain behaviours, how to manage these behaviours and the honed skills to know when to redirect a person into a different activity, says Theresa.


“But while our niche is in dementia care, we’re not limited in that area – and our packages are for people without dementia too. For example, we have people with frail age, and progressive neurological diseases that are similar to dementia,” says Brooke.


Caring for these people and providing support is what we do best. We have many years of experience and focus on reablement, social ties into the community and each client’s quality of life.


What do we offer clients?

Everybody has different needs so one client’s package and level of support can look totally different to another’s. Theresa stresses the importance of “meeting the person, getting to know them, their background and finding out how we can best provide care for them in their home or in the community.” It’s about engaging with them in a more positive way than if they were to just go into a nursing home.


This may involve domestic care, more social interaction, or just taking them to the respite centre where they can interact with other people. “Clients may want to be taken to the movies, the hairdresser, or to physiotherapy,” says Theresa. “Whatever they need, the service is goal-orientated so they have goals and we try and meet them.”


What are the costs involved?

“Carers pay an administrative fee and a case management fee – and that’s a set fee that we negotiate with them, which is also based on their means testing,” explains Theresa.


How can you apply for a package?

All prospective clients need to get an ACAT assessment through My Aged Care to determine what level of care they require. We then get referrals through that or clients and their families also contact us directly.


From February 2017, HCPs will no longer be allocated to specific organisations – they’ll instead go into a national pool, giving individuals more autonomy over which provider they’d like to work with to fulfil their package.


To find out more about our CDC Home Care Packages, please call our 24-hour Advice Line on 1800 639 331.


Words: Ash Anand