AQ Carer Support Group; provides you with the support and information you want

Alzheimer’s Queensland Carer Support Groups are a hive of activity at their monthly meetings.  Carers value the opportunities to develop practical skills and knowledge and share their own expertise with other carers.  Education, socialising and connection are important aspects of the meetings and carers catch up with friends and acquaintances who understand the shared life experience of supporting a person living with dementia. 


At a recent meeting four carers Will, Richard, Brenda and Graham shared their life stories and identified the need for meaningful interaction with their loved ones through shared, joyful experiences but also through maintaining their own social roles, relationships and active lifestyles outside their carer’s role.  Carers found it easy to relate to the stories of humour, love and resilience.


Carer’s regularly comment on the value of the day and overnight respite options which they access through Alzheimer’s Queensland services.  Carers state that this opportunity for time out has a positive impact on their own quality of life and gives their loved one a great opportunity to build relationships, feel valued and engage in the community. 


The 24 hour Advice Line 1800 639 331 can provide information about the Carer Support Groups and services to support carers.