AlanS tennis

Tennis, after 50 years

The Toowoomba Multi-Service Centre staff work every day to improve older Australians social and physical well-being, by connecting them to meaningful activities. 


A recent achievement showcases two of the centre's clients, Leo and Allan, who had a past interest in playing tennis.  The centre's team supported the two gentleman to visit one of the local courts and enjoy playing a few games. 


Leo (not pictured) was a member of a tennis club and loved playing tennis up until a few years ago.  Allan (pictured) on the other hand, told staff that he had not had a game of tennis for close to 50 years.  There were some mixed emotions about it as Allan was quite apprehensive about playing but at the same time looking forward to having a go.  When Allan and Leo returned in the afternoon, they both expressed that they had a great day.  When asked, Allan share how he went at tennis and was delighted and proud of himself that he was still able to play.  The look on his face was priceless.  He can't wait to go again.