Tai Chi - A good news story

Between October and December 2017, Alzheimer’s Association QLD’s (AAQ) Tai Chi instructors, Christina Robb and Zoe Samuels successfully completed an 8-week Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention pilot program, “Move for Life”. The program was run from AAQ’s Ipswich Multi Service Centre and involved 7 participants.


Instructors were conscious of the expressed needs and goals of the participants and modified the program to optimise engagement, comfort levels and involve carers. Movements were modified, for example, seated vs standing and a smaller range of movement. Participants had a choice to engage in the program or not; and could stop and rest at any time.


The feedback from participants and carers was very positive, it included: “I found it came naturally, the graceful movement”; “It’s an exercise I can continue to do and to enjoy a calmness and feeling of relaxation”; “I go home really peaceful”. It also provided an opportunity for both carers and the person with dementia to share a positive experience.


Pre-and post program evaluations were completed to provide information on ways to modify the program to enhance participant benefits in the subsequent groups planned for early 2018. The shared goal is to improve confidence for moving and walking; reduce fears of falling; to provide participants with a set of skills that can help manage pain and stress; all within a relaxed, social atmosphere. 


Please contact Ipswich Multi Service Centre on 07 3812 2253 for more information on how to get involved!