Restorative Care at Gordon Park Multi-Service Centre

In recent months the clients attending Gordon Park Multi-Service Centre have enjoyed increased physical activity through a range of activities such as walking, golf, table tennis and hydrotherapy.  Engagement in these activities has seen a visible increase in client overall well-being and significantly decreased incidence of challenging behaviours.


Golf and table tennis have been a particular highlight for the gentlemen.  The banter and comradery shared whilst competitively playing against one another is really special.


The ladies thoroughly enjoy walking the beautiful Kedron Brooke and cooling off at the pool for hydrotherapy.


Most importantly, the clients engage in these activities in the community and as we do not wear identification badges or uniforms the group are welcomed at these venues as a group of friends enjoying a social outing, rather than a group of elderly people requiring assistance.  This is particularly meaningful and enacts the Alzheimer's Queensland philosophy of care.