Jetski Adventure

Evan and Wayne attend the Gordon Park Respite Centre and are the type of gentlemen that are always keen for an adrenalin pumping adventure.  


Thankfully Alzheimer’s Queensland’s philosophy of Social Role Valorisation allows us to facilitate activities that may involve an element of risk. Gordon Park Multiservice Centre practice collaborative goal setting, in which through a  sit down conversation with our clients, decisions about what the clients want to achieve whilst attending the centre are developed. Evan’s goal was to have a go at jet skiing.  


The day arrived and the heavens provided truly perfect Queensland weather for the occasion.  The clients and carers geared up into their swimmers and lifejackets and hit the water at Noosaville.  Naturally, not all goals go to plan, however this one could not have been more perfect with both Evan and Wayne enjoying a brilliant day of adrenalin pumping adventure.