Yoga for Carers

Yoga is an ancient Indian Philosophy that dates back thousands of years.  Although there are many different varieties of yoga, it is defined as a gentle form of exercise that can help with physical strength and mobility as well as relaxation and stress management.  Yoga has been proven to have many health benefits including: increasing cardiovascular fitness, improve sleep, improved circulation to muscles and increased joint range of motion and flexibility.


As a carer it is important to understand that you need to maintain your own health and fitness. The truth is many carers are so busy looking after everyone else that they put themselves last and as a consequence of doing this, their physical health and emotional wellbeing suffers.  Yoga is not all about getting into gymnastic poses and our yoga instructor is able to modify almost every exercise to suit your physical ability.


A typical yoga class would include consist of the following: gentle yoga poses, deep breathing exercises and a relaxation session.  The poses sections can assist with improved mobility and flexibility which in turn will help to reduce the risk of falls.  The breathing exercises assist with reducing stress, calming techniques and mental alertness.  By teaching the deep breathing, more oxygen is able to be circulated around the body.  The relaxation session is usually at the end of the class, which again helps to reduce stress and give a sense of physical and mental wellbeing.


At Gordon Park, we are currently holding a yoga group for carers every Friday from 9.30am until 11am. This gives carers the opportunity to enjoy an hour of yoga followed by morning tea with and chat with other carers.  If you wish to have any further information about our Yoga group, please contact Gordon Park Respite Centre on 07 3857 2191.