Special Visits to QAGOMA

Our Experience; from Garden City Aged Care Home

The Queensland Art Gallery and Museum of Modern Art (QAGOMA) run Art and Dementia gallery tours that are specifically designed for people living with dementia.  Our residents have taken part in this program for several years and generally attend every 2 – 3 months.  It is amazing to see the enrichment that the gallery tours bring to the residents lives each time we attend.


Every visit is unique and adapted to each attendee’s history.  As well as a tour 2 or 3 art works are chosen for their ability to stimulate conversation and memory.  This experience of reminiscence provides an overwhelming positive experience for our residents living with dementia: it promotes engagement with other participants, conversation, and joy and community inclusion.


Family members are encouraged to join the tours and they thoroughly enjoy the whole experience.  At the end of the tour, the guides provide the residents with pictures of the pieces of art that they have viewed during their gallery tour.  This enables families to continue the experience with their loved ones by creating a talking piece so their experience continues way after we leave the gallery.


The gallery and their personnel go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that the residents and their families are welcomed and every detail is looked after.

We hope to continue participation in this very successful program for many years to come.


Karin Bongers

Leisure and Lifestyle Manager

Garden City Aged Care Services

T: 07 3340 0110


A Few Words from QAGOMA

The Queensland Art Gallery’s Art and Dementia tours offer discussion-based art viewing where visitors in small groups visit four selected artworks aimed to stimulate sensory responses and cognitive activity through reminiscence and socialisation.  


The sensory ability to appreciate visual aesthetics is maintained as dementia progresses, so the Art Gallery tours provide a platform for participants to express aesthetic judgement by contributing their own thoughts, stories or ideas.  The tour encourages appreciation of the immediate experience of connecting with the artwork in front of the viewer.


The residents from Garden City Aged Care Home have viewed a variety of contemporary and historical artworks since their first Art and Dementia tour at the Queensland Art Gallery in 2014.  The social experience encourages residents to feel present and active in the moment as they interact with others in a dementia-friendly outing.  The conversations are shaped by the residents’ responses and as the tour progresses, their sense of self emerges and this triggers many joyous moments.  The improvements in mood and self-esteem are evident as the residents re-engage with the world around them.


To make a tour booking or to learn more about QAGOMA Art and Dementia tours contact

QAGOMA Group Bookings Office

T: 3840 7255

E: groupbookings@qagoma.qld.gov.au

W : qagoma.qld.gov.au/access


Debbie Brittain

Education Services Officer

Queensland Art Gallery│Gallery of Modern Art