Gwenda McNaught - Telling as it is

Gwenda McNaught, a resident, shares her  thoughts on our Music Relaxation sessions.
“I almost missed my session today because I was caught up with gardening and missed the time. I love gardening but my favorite thing is the relaxation session I do with Jing.


The peace of the soft music and quiet voice takes me to another level. My body relaxes and my mind is not busy, busy, busy. I can drop any problems onto a leaf floating away down the creek or drop it from a cloud in the sky – anywhere away from me so it is not in my face. My shoulders relax and fell soft and friendly.


The sessions with Jing, the music and her voice work marvelously for me. They take me away from pain and worry and lighten my week.


There are DVD’s but it isn’t the same, when Jing is there is more interactive and that’s what makes it work for me”