Amanda McKinnon Proud Runner-up at 2016 Lasa-Q Excellence in Care Awards

The Alzheimer's Queensland is proud to share the achievements of our staff Amanda McKinnon, who goes by the name Mandy.  Mandy's dedication and excellence in the work that she does was recognised with her winning runner-up at the 2016 LASA-Q Excellence in Care Awards. 


Mandy joined the Alzheimer's Queensland Garden City Multi-Service Centre team in 2011.  In time, she progressed into a highly respected, reliable and dedicated employee.  Mandy excels in care provision in many ways: 

                  She actively encourages clients to be independent in all activities and daily living tasks.  Mandy provides gentle reassurance and instructions so the client can execute a task to the best of their ability.  When a client does require assistance to complete a task, Mandy is always discrete in the support that she provides. 


                  Mandy promotes retention of existing life skills for people with dementia and provides clients with opportunities to enhance these skills through participation in socially valued roles and activities.  Some of these are everyday life tasks such as cooking and ironing to more recreational activities such as golfing and woodwork.


                  Mandy intuitively cares and empathises with the carers (of people with dementia) and in doing so supports family carers during increased times of hardship, emotion and guilt.  In this respect she surpasses her general duties by ensuring that the carer is coping and managing at home.  Mandy is unobtrusive in her support and always acknowledges the hard work the family carer is undertaking.  She praises them on their efforts and assures the family that they should not feel guilty about accessing respite and that respite is a way of ensuring that they are also caring for themselves.


                  Above all, Mandy fosters a calm and trusting home-like environment for clients who attend the Garden City Multi-Service Centre.  She actively maintains that the Garden City Multi-Service is not a workplace for staff but rather a home-away-from-home for clients and people with dementia.  People with dementia can experience anxiety, especially in an unfamiliar environment and this can manifests in repetitive questioning or behaviours.  Mandy creates a relaxed home-like environment, which focuses on identifying individual roles for clients.  This, in turn, gives each client a specific purpose and meaning during their stay at respite.


Please join us to congratulate Mandy on her hard work and achievements.  If you would like to share your comments, please email