AQ Highlights

Throughout the year Alzheimer's Queensland and its clients, carers and staff participate in various extraordinary activities.  This section will provide you with our latest highlights.


For information on scheduled seminars and training workshops, please visit Education and Seminars.

  1. Dementia and Ageing Well - Bundaberg

    Free education session in Bundaberg for service providers, family carers and interested members of the community.

  2. The Story Tellers

    Enthusiasm, unconditional love and creating positive situations are some of the terms researchers use when defining the benefits of Intergenerational Groups when an older person and the young are able to interact in meaningful activities....

  3. Yoga at Windsor

    Open to carers and the general public. Our yoga practitioner, Lisa, teaches the relaxing practice of Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra, which is form of meditation done lying down. Together they provide the ultimate relaxation technique for...

  4. Tai Chi - A good news story

    Between October and December 2017, Alzheimer’s Association QLD’s (AAQ) Tai Chi instructors, Christina Robb and Zoe Samuels successfully completed an 8-week Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention pilot program, “Move...

  5. The Fogolar Furlan

    A fundraising day on September 10th, proudly supporting Alzheimer's Queensland.

  6. Once a nurse, always a nurse

    When Shirley joined our Gordon Park group and we realised that she had enjoyed a long career as a Nurse, we knew that we wanted to find a way for her to reconnect with her past. Excited by our idea we rang Shirley to ask if she’d like...

  7. Mother's Day Celebrations - Windsor

    The Windsor Aged Care Services hosted a morning tea on Mother's Day, Sunday May 14th, dedicating this wonderful day to all mothers.

  8. Jane gives piano lessons

    At the Toowoomba Multi Service Centre, clients are supported everyday to reconnect with their passions and share their amazing skills with other clients and centre staff. Jane, who is an opera singer (has performed in the Sydney Opera...

  9. Larry's visit to the Peter Brock Exhibition

    Larry recently had the pleasure of visiting the Peter Brock Exhibition at Dreamworld.

  10. A visit to Maleny Dairies

    Daphne's trip to Maleny Dairies.

  11. Yoga for Carers

    Carers are now benefiting from yoga sessions at our Gordon Park Multi Service Centre.

  12. Allan does laps in a V8 Supercar

    For many, a diagnosis of dementia and progression through to the later stages of the disease comes with the unnecessary relinquishing of adult activities that may carry a degree of risk; in part due to the safety concerns of loving family...

  13. Art Therapy at Toowoomba Multi Service Centre

    Art Therapy has been proven to offer positive therapeutic benefits to people with a diagnosis of dementia. Clients of our Toowoomba Multi Service Centre who need more structured support are now able to enjoy this form of artistic expression...

  14. 'Woodworkers of Toowoomba'

    The woodworkers of our Toowoomba Multi Service Centre have been busy bringing back to life some old stained glass windows that were from the old kitchen. Not only did they restore the windows to their former glory but they also used them as...

  15. A trip to the Darling Downs Zoo

    Being the last month of summer, clients of the Toowoomba Multi Service Centre have been getting out making the most of the lovely weather. One of the highlights for February was the trips to the Darling Downs Zoo. The first trip was with...

  16. George, celebrates 'Defender of the Fatherland Day' with his friends

    George is a wonderful gentleman who is originally from Russia and still speaks fluent Russian with a member of staff at the Garden City Multi Service Centre. One Morning George was explaining to a centre staff that the Defender of the...

  17. The Power of Music

    Music has the power to transform a room into a lively space of happiness, joy and movement. Recent studies have found music is particularly beneficial for people living with dementia as music can reduce stress-induced behaviours, facilitate...

  18. New books added to our library, Feb 2017

    Miller, Stephen. (2014). Communicating across Dementia. How to talk, listen, provide Stimulation and give Comfort. If someone close to you has dementia you will know that communication gradually becomes more difficult and at times...

  19. Christmas Photo Album from Windsor Aged Care Services

    In December the Windsor Aged Care Services hosted several Christmas events. We celebrated with a carols night where residents from the Windsor Choir stood up in front of residents and families and performed their favourite carol. We also...

  20. Wayne, Reliving the Days of a Lifesaver

    Wayne, a community services client with Alzheimer's Queensland basks in the pride and joy of sharing tales of his days as a Lifesaver. Surf Lifesaving takes massive amounts of responsibility and courage as they are accountable for...

  21. A Christmas Outing in Brisbane

    Christmas is a time to enjoy the wonder of the world. Don, a client of Gordon Park Multi Service Centre, got to experience this first hand on an outing through the streets of Brisbane.

  22. Milking a Cow

    A primary goal for Gordon Park Multiservice Centre is to consistently engage our clients in relevant and meaningful activities. This is determined through reviewing our client’s individual interests, past roles and personal goals....

  23. Chimes at Windsor

    The Windsor Aged Care Services would like to thank the special family that donated a sent of chimes for use in our music therapy program. Owing to your generosity, we now have chime choir practice fortnightly and are practicing some...

  24. Special Visits to QAGOMA

    Residents from the Garden City Aged Care Home visit The Queensland Art Gallery and Museum of Modern Art (QAGOMA).

  25. Jetski Adventure

    Evan and Wayne go jet skiing through efforts of Alzheimer's Queensland.

  26. Restorative Care at Gordon Park Multi-Service Centre

    In recent months the clients attending Gordon Park Multi-Service Centre have enjoyed increased physical activity through a range of activities such as walking, golf, table tennis and hydrotherapy. Engagement in these activities has seen a...

  27. "Singing In The Rain"

    Across all our services, Alzheimer's Queensland endeavour to support our residents and clients to have exceptional experiences and enjoy a fulfilling life. Below you will read about a group of ladies who reside at the Garden City Aged Care...

  28. Staying Active in Toowoomba

    A snapshot of what our Toowoomba clients have been up to in October.

  29. Tennis, after 50 years

    Allan plays tennis after 50 years.

  30. Out and About in Toowoomba

    As a service provider, Alzheimer's Queensland take pride and joy in keeping our clients socially and recreationally active.

  31. Life's Pleasures at Rosalie Nursing Care Centre

    At Rosalie Nursing Care Centre, we provide our ladies opportunities to pursue their interests.

  32. 'Larry the Llama' & Friends come to Windsor

    Residents at AQ's Windsor home received a special visit from friendly animals on the home's open day.

  33. Ken Goes Flying

    Ken, a client of the Toowoomba Multi-Service Centre recently went flying in a helicopter.

  34. New Lounge & Dining at the Garden City Aged Care Services

    The Garden City Aged Care Services receives an uplift to their main dining and lounge.

  35. A Day Watching V8 Cars

    Clients at our Garden City Multi-Service Centre have a day out watching V8 Cars. The Alzheimer's Queensland operate four Multi-Service Centres. These are in Ipswich, Toowoomba, Upper Mount Gravatt & Gordon Park. To find out more...

  36. Gwenda McNaught - Telling as it is

    Gwenda McNaught, a resident, shares her thoughts on our Music Relaxation sessions.

  37. Queensland Government 3-Year Funding Boost for People with Dementia and Other Neurological Conditions

    Ipswich Multi-Service Centre, granted new funding by the Queensland Government to support people with dementia and other neurological conditions.

  38. Reablement In Respite Care

    Caylie Field explains wellness and reablement in action at the Alzheimer's Queensland.

  39. Celebrations for Rosina Nicotra

    Rosina celebrates her 95th birthday and 10 years at the Windsor Aged Care Services.

  40. Amanda McKinnon Proud Runner-up at 2016 Lasa-Q Excellence in Care Awards

    The Alzheimer's Queensland is proud to share the achievements of our staff Amanda McKinnon, who dedication and excellence in the work that she does was recognised with her winning runner-up at the 2016 LASA-Q Excellence in Care Awards.

  41. A day on the farm

    Our Toowoomba clients enjoying a day out at the farm.

  42. A Swimming Day

    Alzheimer's Queensland is proud to share a snapshot of our clients enjoying a day out swimming.

  43. Christmas Celebrations

    Alzheimer's Queensland is excited to share our 2015 Christmas Photo Diary

  44. Congratulations Toni - Hesta Award

    Alzheimer's Queensland is proud to share that Toni Lindsay has been graciously presented with the Hesta Award in the category 'Individual Distinction'.

  45. Toowoomba Multi Service Centre, a winner in the Cobb and Co Museum's hanging basket competition.

    Toowoomba Multi Service Centre, was announced winner in the Community Group category of the Cobb and Co Museum's Hanging Basket Competition.

  46. Vinnie's Community Program

    Alzheimer's Queensland participating in the Vinnie's Community Program.

  47. "Driving for Life" with Suncorp Road Safety Grant

    Alzheimer's Queensland were a successful grant recipient in the 2014 Suncorp Road Safety Grant. We produced a booklet called "Driving for Life" to assist drivers recognise when it may be suitable to consider driving cessation and the...

  48. Better Practice 2015

    Elaine Bray and Karin Bongers present at the 2015 Better Practice Adelaide Conference.