Alzheimer's Queensland offers friendly, supportive aged care services.

Whether you are a person with dementia, a family member, a carer, or a health professional, Alzheimer's Queensland offers a range of services including nursing homes, respite care, and in-home support. We offer a fantastic range of other health care services such as at-home physiotherapy, education and training, support groups, and much more.

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Specific dementia diagnosis

Dementia is a broad term for memory loss and the decline of other mental abilities that impact someone’s day-to-day life. There’s no specific test available to determine whether someone has dementia so doctors use a range of resources to help...

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Medications for Dementia

Whilst there’s no cure for dementia, certain medications can help to slow the progression of both cognitive and behavioural symptoms. In doing so, they can contribute to improving the quality of life for those diagnosed with dementia and their...

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