Alzheimer's Queensland offers friendly, supportive aged care services.

Whether you are a person with dementia, a family member, a carer, or a health professional, Alzheimer's Queensland offers a range of services including nursing homes, respite care, and in-home support. We offer a fantastic range of other health care services such as at-home physiotherapy, education and training, support groups, and much more.

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Why is Advance Care Planning important?

Advance Care Planning (ACP) helps people to make their wishes known upfront about any future medical treatment and care, should they become unable to voice their needs at that point. It’s especially important for people with a dementia diagnosis and ideally, ACPs should be carried out as soon as possible after a diagnosis has been given.

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How does dementia affect long-term memory?

To learn more about how dementia affects long term memory and what to do, click through.

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